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"Where did you get that!"
It's the most common reaction you'll get when wearing JoJo Beads.

Glass artist Jolene Dusyk makes all of her glass beads by hand, so no two are alike. Every necklace, earring and bracelet is a hip fashion statement that will set you apart.

A massage therapist by trade, Saskatchewan designer Jolene Dusyk began making jewelry as a sideline in 2001, later discovering the amazing medium of glass. Working in a variety of opulent colours, she flame-softens glass rods, transforming the molten glass into one-of-a-kind beads. The beads are then designed into inspired pieces of jewelry.

Jolene turned her passion into a career two years go, opening the JoJo Beads Studio in Montmartre, Sask. where she creates her glass beads and retails her original jewelry. The Studio has inspired other local entrepreneurs, and now boasts three other businesses: Dragonfly designs, Coiffe Nouveau and Helen's Haircare.  Just one hour east of Regina on Highway #48, the Studio is worth an afternoon drive.

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Be in JoJo Beads - there's nothing else like it!